Our premium galvanized tubing is the leader in the Agricultural, Barn Manufacturing and Coral Manufacturing Industry.

LP Tube has been the Galvanized Tubing supplier for hundreds of greenhouse projects over the last 16 years.

Our lightweight yet high strength steel allows for sprawling structures that provide maximum space for greenhouse builds.

LP Tube provides materials to many corral and agricultural building  manufacturers.

Our Layered Galvanized Coating process ensures the best corrosion protection. We manufacture various sizes including round, square, and rectangle to meet your Barn or Coral Manufacturing requirements. We can swag any size and gauge you need to help minimize welding and fittings.
The combination of strength and three-layered corrosion protection makes LP one of the industry leaders. We have supplied tubing to thousands of acres of Greenhouses. Our staff is dedicated to help find your tubing solutions for your Barn or Coral requirements.

LP Tube offers national distribution of our premium steel tubing products. Please refer to our size chart or reach out to our sales team for details. Our sales team will act swiftly to get your requirements met.