Our patented finishing process allows for smoothness and evenness throughout the product.  The consistency delivered by our premium Galvanized Tubing will guarantee the quality of your conveyor system. 

Our tubing can be made to any specification to fit the bearings you need, bearing manufacturers will also make bearings to fit our standard sizes. 

Our Galvanized Tubing comes factory direct and ready to be mounted to your conveyor system.  No extra sanding or clean up work is required with LP Steel premium conveyor tubing. 

We offer any size tubing you require and will gladly provide the product in an unfinished form if zinc coating is not preferred for your conveyor system.

LP Tube’s three-layered corrosion protection is one of the leaders in the industry.  Our steel Galvanized Tubing won’t “weep rust” on any of the products brought through the conveyor system.

LP Steel tubing products are the highest rated for load bearing and we will guarantee the lightest materials in the industry with the highest strength. 

If you would like to know more about LP Steel Tubing products for your conveyor system, please refer to our size chart

LP will deliver directly to your job anywhere in the country.  Contact our sales team directly through the website or by phone to help with your conveyor requirements.