Our Sales team has 10 years’ experience in helping Engineers and Supply Chain Managers design and fulfill their Galvanized Tubing needs.  They have been involved in 100’s of projects from start to finish.  We know how important it is to have the strength and corrosion protection needed in the different environments.

Our three-layered galvanized steel tubing offers maximum strength and will also save money when compared to weaker aluminum products. Our Galvanized Tubing products are perfect for rooftop installations or ground installations. 

We can help with the perimeter Steel fencing that will protect your job site

Steel Tubing and Piping that will serve as the framework for your solar panels and last a lifetime.

Solar mounting and racking structures with the highest rated strength in the industry

Our steel products weigh less, which makes them perfect for rooftop solar installations. Lighter weight means more versatility.  It will also save you money on transportation and installation. 

LP Tube provides the perfect solutions for all solar structures. 

Contact our sales team to help with your Solar Tubing requirements.