LP Tube manufactures carbon structural steel tubing products primarily for the Service Center, Distribution and Construction sectors. The sizes produced are in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). LP Tube structural Galvanized Tubing products conform to the ASTM A-500 Grade B specification utilizing prime high-quality raw materials and meet the allowable tolerances for strength, size dimensions, straightness, wall thickness and length. All ASTM A-500 Grade B products are supplied with Mill Test Reports indicating tensile, yield and elongation results. We take pride in the surface quality of our pipe-size structural tubing, which is produced from Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled steel (HR P&O). This superior clean surface finish allows for minimal clean up prior to potential painting/coating or hot dip galvanizing processes that the end customer may perform.

LP produces round structural tubing in “true” schedule 40 pipe sizes for handrail pipe and other various construction applications. We produce 1.660″ O.D. X .140 wall (1 ¼” schedule 40) and 1.900″ O.D. X .145 wall (1 ½” schedule 40). Both structural pipe sizes are produced with standard lengths of 21′ and with 61 pieces per bundle.

Please contact one of our experienced Galvanized Tubing and pipe professionals for service and assistance on these structural pipe sizes.