LP Steel tubing is engineered for the highest standards in the industry.  Our high strength steel tubing exceeds industry standards and provide the ultimate quality.

Our high strength tubing allows for a maximum engineering span while guaranteeing consistent quality.  This allows free standing structures to have sprawling indoor spaces thanks to the galvanized strength provided by LP Tube. 

Our process of forming Galvanized Tube is 100% consistent and will provide strength and stability. 

Our different sizes allow many different design opportunities.  You simply tell us your vision for the structure and LP Tube will provide the shapes you need to create it. 

Our Galvanized Tubing provides the ultimate quality and aesthetic appeal.  Our Three Coat process will give protection and years of life to your structure 

LP Tube has great relationships with logistic companies around the United States.  If you are anywhere in the US and are in need of Steel Tubing, LP Tube has your back!

Our products are galvanized coated on the interior and exterior to protect from rust.  We guarantee that they will not drip rust or corrode unlike many of our competitors.

If you’re looking for swaged ends on shaped Galvanized Tubing, look no further.  LP Tube provides swaged end that will help tie your project together.   Please inquire about any other value added processes you may require.

LP Tube is the leader in the Galvanized Building and Carport industry. Contact us today so we can get started on your project.