All of our Galvanized Tubing products are produced from prime high quality domestic raw materials.  The product is then coated with a chem-treat conversion coating and sealed with a clear acrylic finish. The finished galvanized tube is cut to length in-line, and is a clean/dry product suitable for multiple applications.

We begin with cold formed, high yield, high tensile strength steel.  We then add a hot dipped, pre-galvanized interior coating followed by a hot dipped, pre-galvanized exterior coating.  The product is then processed through a conversion coating followed by a protective clear coating. 

We offer Residential, Commercial, Industrial and High Security.  Our layered corrosion protection on the interior and our three-protection coating on our exterior makes our Galvanized Tubing fence products the most dependable and toughest in the industry.

Our products can be painted to match any existing structure or design plan.   Our coatings adhere well to paint and will not drip rust.   

All our products meet ASTM specs.  We manufacturer 1.315 to 2.875 rounds.  We produce squares and rectangles from 5/8 square to 2 .5 sq. and up to 2×3 in rectangle.

Your installers will find our products easy to weld during install.

See our size chart to determine the right materials for your project. 

We deliver our galvanized steel fencing products nationwide.  Contact our sales team for your fence requirements.