LP Tube is the leader when it comes to high quality Galvanized Tubing for your playground project.  Our finished product provides protection against rust to guarantee your playground looks great for years to come. 

Our high strength steel allows for maximum expanse of your playground structures within the allowed parameters. 

Our three-layered galvanized coatings are non-toxic and safe for children of all ages to enjoy for years to come.   We offer HRPO or you can sandblast our galvanization so that you can do you powder coating.

Our high strength coatings can go through any fabrication process without damaging the coating.  This will ensure that your project does not lose it’s finished look at the joints. 

LP Tube uses only certified domestic products for materials being used to construct playground equipment. 

Many sizes and options are available, please see our Galvanized Tubing chart for details. 

LP Tube offers national distribution and can deliver our products anywhere in the US and Canada.  Please give contact us so we can help you with your tubing requirements.